Advertising/Sponsorship Policy

Advertising Guidelines

Ads must be separate from editorial content and be clearly labeled as advertising.
Advertisers will not influence editorial direction (see our Editorial Policy).

Advertising on does not imply endorsement of the product, service
and/or company by Healthy Advice, by the physicians who use PatientPoint products in
their offices or by PatientPoint's content partners and medical reviewers. Ads may link
from to a website maintained by the advertiser—PatientPoint is not
responsible for content on these third-party websites.

Advertisements must be appropriate and tasteful, as deemed by PatientPoint. We
maintain the right to remove an ad for any reason, upon providing notice to the advertiser.

PatientPoint retains the sole discretion to accept or refuse advertisements. We will NOT
accept advertising for:

PatientPoint will also NOT accepted ads that:

Advertised products must be readily available for purchase. Also, the product must be
available at the advertised price and quantity and with noted tax and delivery fees
(If applicable).

Advertisers are responsible for complying with all applicable foreign and domestic laws,
including regulations set forth by government agencies and other regulatory bodies. In
particular, pharmaceutical advertising to physicians and consumers must comply with
FDA guidelines as they related to direct to physician (DTP) and direct to consumer (DTC)
advertising practices.

Sponsored Content

PatientPoint may accept sponsorship of content or resources from organizations or
companies interested in providing health and wellness information to the public. All
sponsored content will be clearly labeled as "Sponsored by," "From Our Sponsor" or
"Sponsored Resource."

The sponsor will be responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the sponsored content
and may have created, provided or influenced the creation of the sponsored content.
Although sponsored content is governed by the standards set forth in the Advertising
Policy, it is not held to the standards set forth in the Editorial Policy.

How to Advertise

PatientPoint is supported by advertising. For advertising or sponsor opportunities on, Contact Us.

For sponsorship of education programs in doctor's office exam rooms or waiting rooms
or in hospitals visit


Questions or comments about the Advertising Policy for Contact Us.


PatientPoint reserves the right to revise this policy at any time by posting an updated
policy to this page. The date of the last update to this policy is printed at the bottom of
this page.

August 09

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