Editorial Policy

PatientPoint supports you in making choices that lead to your best health with health
information that is:

But we don't just give you facts, we give you clear steps you can take to improve your
health. And we'll give you tools to help you work more effectively with your doctors and the
rest of your health team.

Editorial Process

PatientPoint content is thoroughly researched and created by experienced health writers
and reviewed for medical accuracy and completeness by board-certified physicians and
other medical professionals. These health professionals make up the PatientPoint
Medical Advisory Board.

While much of the content is created by the PatientPoint editorial team, we also bring
together information from trusted, third-party sources such as the Cleveland Clinic.
Content provided by third-party sources is clearly marked.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

MyPatientPoint.com is supported by advertising, and these ads allow us to provide
information at no cost to you. Our editorial content is produced without influence from our
sponsors or advertisers. The editorial team is independent and employs responsible
and balanced reporting and writing practices.

All advertisements are clearly marked and must comply with our Advertising Policy. Any
content provided directly by sponsors will be clearly marked as being under the
sponsor's editorial control—and not under the editorial control of PatientPoint.

Corrections Policy

PatientPoint makes prompt updates to content as medical understanding and practices
change, and selects third-party providers who follow similar practices. If you believe you
have found an error in our content, please Contact Us.


If you have a question or comment about the Editorial Policy or content available on
MyPatientPoint.com, please Contact Us.


Occasionally, PatientPoint will need to make updates to this policy. The date below
reflects the most recent updates to this policy.

August 09

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